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Style Personality

Understand how you life, your experiences and routine impact your fashion choices and what changes you can make to boost your image to perfectly convey your message. Your fashion style is personal, not a trend.

Once you connect to your own essence, your style is yours to keep!

Personal Colors

Colors are a powerful way to communicate your goals. Learning how to coordinate them according to your natural ones brings out your best features, adds power or kindness according to your will!

We will go beyond a seasonal palette to contemplate your professional and personal color needs.

Easy Silhouette

It's not about a body shape or form. Rather, it's about what your body lines communicate and how to choose fit and prints that enhance your natural beauty.

You are the fashion and what you wear coordinates with you, not with some timely trend.

Know your essence,
and dress your style!

You can look and feel as stylish as you've always dreamed of,
without the hassle you are afraid of!

    • Taking care of your home, children, husband and professional life leave you with no time for yourself?

    • You are tired of looking at the mirror and not recognizing the image you see?

    • What you see on the mirror is not what you would like?

    • You know you can get more from life if you project a coherent personal or professional image?

    If you have already realized you need some TLC, this is your place!

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    Meet your Image & Style Consultant

    Mom, wife, teacher since forever, Image & Style Consultant, cheese & wine lover and a godincidences believer.

    With a a long trajectory in communication through language and style and is a Certified Image Professional with the Association International of Image Consultants (AICI) through the New York Chapter, Lici lives and works in NYC where she offers professional Image Consulting training and style services. Lici is an alumni of the Image Certification at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City and of the IRCNY where she was expanded her color and corporate skills and became a trainer with Dominique Isbecque. She also holds proficiency certificates from Cambridge, Southern Utah University and the London University.

    As an Image Consultant Lici applies a humanistic approach to the process to help women bring up their true essence and be happy and confident about the way they dress.

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